Our Mission


We believe in the innovative and entrepreneurial capacity of India and its people; we also believe that ingenuity & problem solving should have unrestricted flow through the world.

As a first step to that end, we have set out to build a global community of Indian entrepreneurs and enablers in form of a network of local Indian entrepreneurial communities across the world. Our mission is to see India as the global start – up hub for the grassroot and people centric innovation.

At INDIAGLOCAL we are obsessed about increasing the global footprint of Indian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem; and focus on providing local ideas, talent and solutions, a global exposure.

A Worthy Effort

We aspire to identify and resolve the critical roadblocks, which has kept India and its entrepreneurs from realizing their potential in the global arena, through a collaborative effort of every stakeholder.

We invite Indian entrepreneurs, ecosystem enablers, investors, academicians and policy makers, across the world to join us to build the Global Indian Entrepreneurial Community. Together we will build an ecosystem which will transcend political borders and geographical expanse.

Do you want to join us in our effort?

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Our Approach

In order to achieve our mission of unlocking global potential of Indian entrepreneurial spirit, we do following:
  1. Build and Support Network of Local Indian Entrepreneurial Community across the globe
  2. Support Indian Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurs of Indian Origin across the globe
  3. Actively create & conduct programs to expand international exposure for Indian entrepreneurs
  4. Create & conduct programs to host international start – ups in India
  5. Assist ecosystem enablers in identifying and engaging opportunities across borders
  6. Develop data driven policy recommendation to enable ease of cross border business expansion and engagement